I am addicted to reading books.  I read books — fiction and non-fiction, ebook and print — all the time, for both work and pleasure.  (See ameckeco.com and Unglue.it for my professional gigs.)

I’ve started this new blog as the place where I talk about what I like about books.  And to remember what I’m reading, because sometimes I am reading so many books at the same time that I lose track of where I am.  But one of the things I like about ebooks (despite DRM segregation by retailer) there’s always a way to make the “recent” titles come to the top of the list on my tablet.  I try to balance Kindle’s market dominance with Nook’s more authoritative reviews, and I like their Apps best.

If I do have a professional link to the author or title, I will indicate so with an * asterisk, in the interest of full disclosure.  But that won’t be why I’m writing about the book here. That will be because I think it’s interesting — and you might too.

FYI, I believe in serendipity. The tag line was randomly generated for me, but since “the bees knees” was one of my father’s favorite phrases, along with other Roaring Twenties slang he was just old enough to have overheard his older siblings using, like “the cat’s pajamas,” I decided to keep it.


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